To celebrate my daughter’s first birthday I decided to make a paper flower backdrop. It took me a few tries but I got the technique right by following a few examples available online.

Here’s is what the technique led me to create: 

The easy step by step guide is as follows:

Cut out a large petal shape and insert a small cut at the end of the petal.

Cut out six petals for the outer circle and fold the paper petal back so as to create an outward roll.

Fold the insert over itself slightly and staple it together. This will create the petal shape. 

Cut out a small circle and begin gluing the bottom of each petal around it. I used uhu   Glue.

In the same way cut out five/six medium sized petals and force/six small sized petals and roll them, staple them and glue them on the inside.

Now for the flower stamens. 

Fold a long strip of paper.

Make insertions on the folded side and stop just before the end.

Add some glue to the ends and begin rolling the strip around itself.

I used two colours around each other. 

Glue it to the centre of the flower.

Cutting different petal shapes will give you different kinds of flowers. 

And lastly here’s how this beautiful backdrop enhanced my daughter’s birthday pictures. 

Safiya at age 1. 

The little poser.

Safiya’s older cousins.