An artist never stops learning and there is much to be learnt from the 20th century masters. Here is a painting I did replicating one of Cezanne’s popular still lifes – ‘still life with apples and a pot of primroses’.

First of all I did a charcoal and water wash study to appreciate the light and dark values, object placement, and composition in his painting. His still life seems so simple yet when you set out to understand it, one can appreciate the sheer genius in his simplicity- how he challenges perspective and warm and cool colours. 


Next I began to complete a 18 x 24″ acrylic painting on mixed media paper reinforced with a layer of gesso by following a printout of the original.


The result was an increased appreciation of florals, drapery and fruit placed in beautiful balance and harmony.

  18 x 24″ Copy of Cezanne’s ‘still life with apples and a pot of Primroses, Acrylic on Paper